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SGH's Useless Indignation

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SGH's Useless Indignation

Postby Some Guy Here » Sat Mar 29, 2008 6:45 pm

Recently, the Rocky Mountain News published, of all things, a book review that ruffled my feathers. Rather than taking the time to type it all out, I went ahead and scanned it (fair use!) in an exercise that, come to think of it, probably took significantly longer than what I could've achieved if I had just typed it out, not to mention would've been easier on Josh's bandwidth:


You might be scratching your head exactly what my indignation with a book review might be, but I hope it becomes obvious once you read my letter to the editor, which I shot off to the Rocky's e-mail this morning:

My letter is addressed to Scott C. Yates and his review of “X Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft but Can Still Keep Everything from Sucking” titled “‘X’ marks brilliant insight on generation.” I’m a member of the “Millennial” generation, I suppose (I’ve always thought of these arbitrary and yet ill-defined labels as highly ignorant) and after over a day mulling over an appropriate response, I think I’ll settle with something though childish and conforming to the stereotype you’ve penned, I feel appropriate nonetheless: how dare you! Your scathing, blatant generalizations are as vapid and moronic as useless labels get. This book and your review of it is nothing more but an empty self-justification of a group of people whose births happen to fall within a certain time period and, while no more or less diverse and accomplished as those who came before or after, obviously feel some need to validate themselves so as to say “I’m better than you.” Not everyone in my generation is a Paris Hilton, or, as you so “eloquently” put it, someone “who have recently learned they won’t be getting the promotion they demanded after three months on the job.” Perhaps someone needs to show you the true face of the Millennial - he and she who have picked up arms and Army boots and lay down their lives in front of known malicious danger patrolling the streets of Baghdad, whose sense of duty and loyalty commit them to serve regardless of their true feelings of the war. Or perhaps you have fallen into the same trap the rest of the nation has in this stupid obsession with have with labels. Perhaps it started after “The Greatest Generation” with each subsequent generation feeling the need to play “catch-up,” and failing that the need to put down the preceding and succeeding generation so as to claim supremacy (the Xers certainly felt that against the Baby Boomers, I’ll agree). Maybe a later generation will feel the need to evolve beyond self-labels and self-validation through comparison to others and will finally wipe out the destructive notion of a generation gap, but in the meantime, let’s celebrate the generations equally, as we all have our Bill Gates and Microsofts, Larry Pages and Googles, and Mark Zuckerberg and Facebooks just like we all have our Paula Abduls, Tom Greens and Britney Spears.

So, whiney Millennial with no sense of humor and too much time on his hands or whiney Millennial who actually has a point? I opine, you decide!
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